NHL Drafted Alumni

The NHL Entry Draft is held once every year, generally within two to three months after the conclusion of the previous regular season. During the draft, teams take turns selecting amateur players from junior or collegiate leagues and professional players from European leagues.

Pro Hockey Sweden Alumni, NHL Drafted.

NHL Draft 2023
Leo Carlsson, Born 2004, Round 1 #2 Overall By Anaheim Ducks
Casper Nässén, Born 2004, Round 7 #214 overall by Boston Bruins

NHL Draft 2022
Filip Nordberg, Born 2004, Round 2 #64 Overall by Ottawa Senators
Ludwig Persson, Born 2003, Round 3 #85 Overall By Washington Capitals
Maximilian Kilpinen, Born 2004, Round 4 #129 Overall by Detroit Red Wings

NHL Draft 2021
Oliver Johansson, Born 2003, Round 3 #74 Overall by Ottawa Senators
Jonathan Myrenberg, Born 2003, Round 5 #140 Overall by Vancover Canucks
Oskar Jellvik, Born 2003, Round 5 #140 Overall by Boston Bruins
Albert Sjöberg, Born 2003, Round 7 #207 overall by Dallas Stars